Carkeek Cascade & Viewlands Cascade, Natural Drainage Systems, Seattle, WA 2000 – 2003

Two prototype ‘Natural Drainage System’ stormwater facilities replace asphalt-lined ditches along residential streets in Northwest Seattle’s Piper’s Creek watershed. Neighborhoods are transformed by GAYNOR’s design of stepped channels that incorporate natural stream-like contouring and pools, sedimentation structures, ‘green’ soil wrap walls, native vegetation and emergents. These cascade-style SEAStreets provide water quality treatment, detention and infiltration for approximately 20 acres up to 75 acres of urban runoff.

Viewlands Cascade is constructed in 2000 with approximately $225,000 in city funds, and pro bono design donation from Gaynor. Native plants are planted by students from adjacent Viewlands Elementary School and community members. Carkeek Cascade construction and planting is completed in 2003 for approximately $425,000.

Projects and overall Natural Drainage System Program win 2004 American Government Award from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and 2020 Vision Award from Puget Sound Regional Council in 2003.